Version 3.7.4

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Version 3.7.4

Postby admin » Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:32 am

Fotobounce version 3.7.4 user enhancements include:

  • 40% Faster Thumbnail Generation
    • Improved performance applied immediately to newly created Fotobounce libraries.
    • For existing Fotobounce libraries, this advanced functionality is applied to new photos introduced to the library; however, to take full advantage of this performance feature, users are able to remove the existing thumbnails by following these directions. Note that this is not necessary for a small library of photos - just applicable for those with thousands of photos:
      • Shut down Fotobounce and make sure the background process is not running on the system tray.
      • Go to Explorer (of Finder on Mac) and navigate to the Fotobounce Data folder located in the Fotobounce library path that you specified.
      • Rename the images.db and faces.db files to something else like images-old.db and faces-old.db. DO NOT delete anything.
      • Restart Fotobounce and face and image thumbnails will be regenerated as you work with the program
  • Face Recognition Enhancement
    • Improvements have been applied to our algorithms for suggesting face matches
      these will be most noticeable on very large libraries with thousands of faces and hundreds of tagged people
  • Face Detection Enhancement
    • Minor changes have resulted in more faces being detected during the initial scan of a new photo. Results will vary but in all our testing the number of faces found increased with the new changes.
  • Tagging Enhancement
    • When tagging unidentified faces or suspects you can use the keyboard "Delete" key to remove selected face thumbnails. So if you have selected one or more faces you can simply press "Del" to remove them.
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