Version 3.7.8

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Version 3.7.8

Postby admin » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:16 am

Mar 14, 2013 – Fotobounce releases V3.7.8

Fotobounce has just released Version 3.7.8 with the following features:

  • Duplicate photos can be displayed in many different views now – Albums, Photos by Date, and Photos by Person. New option under the Photos menu for ‘Showing Duplicates Only’. This handy tool allows you to easily find and eliminate duplicates. For example, if you want to review Recently Added Photos to see if you already have those photos in your library… click on ‘Recently Added’ in the left menu, then from the Photo menu at the top click ‘Show Duplicates Only’. Any thumbnails you see will be photos with dups. Simply click once on the photo thumbnail for any specific photo, and view the right hand pane for info including the folders where the multiple copies are found. You can then decide which copy you want to keep and make any changes (moves/deletes) directly in Windows Explorer.
  • Ability to merge the People list from another Fotobounce library. This new feature will help those with tens of thousands of photos. For example, you could create one library with 10,000 photos – just friends – then you can start another library with a different set of photos and import the People list from the first library. This saves you data entry time and all of the faces copied from the other library are now used with the new library for face recognition purposes.
  • Improved Facebook connection method that is more reliable and handles very large resolution photos efficiently. The efficiency comes from reducing the max resolution size BEFORE uploading to Facebook.
  • Face recognition suggestions are only displayed now under the ‘Suggestions’ heading. Previously they were also displayed at the top of the Unidentified Faces section. But this made things a little confusing and caused the screen to jump around a bit while tagging, so we have split things up under their respective headings.

Go to our download page to get the latest version. Note - if you are an existing Fotobounce user then your system will automatically give you an upgrade message.
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