FotoTiger in Google Play store

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FotoTiger in Google Play store

Postby admin » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:32 pm

FotoTiger for generic sharing, and FotoTiger for Facebook is now available in the Google Play store. Our developers are busy working on an Apple iOS version - our plan is to have this ready before March 2015.

FotoTiger for sharing offers private tagging and sharing. FotoTiger's face recognition feature indexes photos right on your phone. User privacy is protected by keeping all face recognition data local to the phone and under complete control of the user. You tag people using your local Android contact list and you can share photos at your discretion with any sharing app on your phone. After you tag the app provides a people index for your photos so you no longer have to scroll through hundreds of photos looking for that great photo you took of "Sam" two months ago.

FotoTiger for Facebook is similar but uses your Facebook friends list to tag your photos. And once you decide to share you simply click one button to post to Facebook with your tagging intact on Facebook. It takes fewer clicks to post than using the Facebook app AND you end up with an index of your photos by person.

FotoTiger for sharing:

FotoTiger for Facebook:

Note: FotoTiger replaces the Fotobounce Mobile beta app that was previously in Google Play.
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