Version 3.9.7 released

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Version 3.9.7 released

Postby admin » Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:14 am

We are pleased to announce a new release of Fotobounce Desktop with the following changes:

* added French, Spanish, and German to the previously available English and Chinese versions
* Flickr - accommodate API changes for authentication and uploads
* Facebook - accommodate API changes for authentication and uploads
* remove twitpic and airset social networks since they no longer operate
* if all faces are confirmed and tagged then the previous sort order defaults to "imagedate". however, this is "oldest first" by default and should honor the album sorting preference. this is now fixed and face order will match image sorting order.
* fix up the bug with exporting file names with certain special symbols and characters
* export face files with persons name in file name instead of image name
* make the people selection window bigger (deeper) to show more people (reflecting the fact that most monitors now are much larger)
* we removed the auto-update feature as it was causing more problems than it solved... so you simply have to download the full install kit now. users still get a notice in the left hand pane that a new version exists.

Enjoy the new build!
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