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Do you Linux?

Postby ray.ganong » Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:59 am

[Updated Nov 22/2011]

You can get the latest Linux version from our download page on the website:

Applied Recognition announces the availability of a beta version of Fotobounce on Ubuntu Linux (10.04 and newer) with features that continue to make photo sharing and organization easy and fun, while preserving photo privacy for its users. Photos and related data can be moved transparently between Windows, Mac and now Linux systems with ease.

“The Linux community should not be left out when it comes to leading edge features like face recognition and advanced peer-to-peer photo sharing,” says Applied Recognition President Ray Ganong. “We are happy to extend our functionality to the Linux platform so that families and friends can share digital photos with one another regardless of what computer system they prefer.”

If you have any comments/suggestions/feedback please send email to: support [at]
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