To fully uninstall Fotobounce from a Mac

Lists any of the known issues within current releases for Fotobounce on the Apple OSX

To fully uninstall Fotobounce from a Mac

Postby ray.ganong » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:37 pm

Please follow these instructions to fully uninstall Fotobounce from an Apple system:

1. Remove the application
* stop Fotobounce app if running
* on dock remove any Fotobounce icon
* select /Applications/
* choose 'Move to Trash'

2. Remove installation receipt (optional)
* select Library/Receipts/Fotobounce.pkg
* choose 'Move to Trash'

3. Remove AIR application (optional)
* under /Applications/Utilities
* launch 'AIR Uninstaller'

4. Cleanup up files (logs, db)
* under the photo library location selected in Fotobounce app (/Users/username/Pictures)
* delete the '.fotobounce' directory (will have to use Terminal program because the .fotobounce folder is hidden - the command is - however, be careful not to remove your photos!: rm -r -f)
* under /Users/username/Library/Application Support
* delete the 'Applied Recognition Inc.' directory
* under /Users/username/Library/Preferences
* delete the 'AppRec.Fotobounce.a_big_number.1' directory
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