Fotobounce Metadata - since Version 3.7

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Fotobounce Metadata - since Version 3.7

Postby ray.ganong » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:07 pm

Older versions of Fotobounce (pre V3.7) created a hidden folder entitled ".fotobounce" under the root path you specified for your library location. This is where Fotobounce stores the metadata, in other words, the data you have created for people, albums, tags, and captions.

Since Version 3.7 this folder has been renamed "Fotobounce Data" and is no longer hidden. So if you are moving your library from one disk drive to another make sure you copy this folder along with your pictures and you will ensure you maintain all of your organizational data. Make sure you shut down Fotobounce completely before copying to ensure all of the data tables are properly closed before copying.

The other Fotobounce program files are located here, but they are not related to tags, faces, etc. that are stored in the Fotobounce Data folder. The other program files are related to social network info, your email address, etc.
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