Is there a way to get back rejected suggestions?

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Is there a way to get back rejected suggestions?

Postby admin » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:30 am

If the program has suggested a number of faces are for a specific person - and you accidentally click "X" to reject those suggestions - is there any way to get them back?

The way the program is designed is to learn from your feedback. So if you reject a suggestion then that face(s) will never be suggested for that person again.

If you have just rejected the suggestion then there is an "undo" feature available under the EDIT menu. This will restore the database and bring back the suggestion.

If you have rejected the suggestion, but didn't notice the issue for a number of clicks and the "undo" feature is no longer available, then you can find the face again in your list of unidentified faces and name the face by typing in a new name or select a name from your existing people list. This will over-ride the behavior of not suggesting that face again for the same person.

If you actually deleted the faces instead of rejecting them then there is no way to get them back without removing the photos (containing the faces) from the Fotobounce library folder, turning Fotobounce off, then adding the photos back into the folder and turning Fotobounce back on. The photos should be rescanned and the faces should be returned to the unidentified faces list. This would obviously be difficult if you have thousands of photos. First recovery effort should be the "Undo" feature under the EDIT menu to bring back any deleted Faces.

If you feel you have really made a mess of things and want to start over again, you can turn Fotobounce off, delete the "Fotobounce Data" folder under the Fotobounce library path, and then start Fotobounce up again. All tags, people and faces will be gone and Fotobounce will rescan the photos from the beginning and give you a fresh start.
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