Deleting photos

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Deleting photos

Postby admin » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:07 pm

Regarding deletion of photos from inside Fotobounce: one of the principles that we followed in our design of Fotobounce Desktop is not modifying the original image directly. So if you do any tagging or make any edit changes via Fotobounce we never modify the original image and this gives you a chance to reverse the changes.

However, we are considering a change to allow for direct modification to add face tagging info into the image metadata. If we make that change then there will be no reason not to allow people to delete their photos or perhaps save edits to the photos. Although, cropping does introduce some issues with respect to face location on the image.

NOTE: as of Version 3.9.8 we have added a feature to delete photos from the right hand info panel of the Photo Viewer.

You can also mark a photo "hidden" from the top menu if you don't want to delete the original but also don't want to see it in Fotobounce.
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