Is there a way to force a rescan of my images?

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Is there a way to force a rescan of my images?

Postby admin » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:38 am

Once a photo is scanned, the face signature is calculated and stored in your local database. Note that some faces are not suitable for face recognition if the software can't see both eyes (that is how the face is centered to create a face signature).

Other reasons why recognition signatures won't give you automatic suggestions:

- poor resolution photo or very low light
- point source lighting that casts shadows on the face (sun or bright lights)
- partially blocked face from hats, blowing hair, hands, etc.

Every time you tag a new person the system will check to see if any new suggestions result. So there is no need or benefit to rescan the entire image database.

You can adjust the slider under the Preferences option to provide more or fewer suggestions. This may provide additional automatic tagging for you.

One other thing to check - make sure the tagged faces for each of your "known" people are correct. If you have a face under the wrong name that can throw off the recognition suggestions.
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