Move Fotobounce library to another computer

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Move Fotobounce library to another computer

Postby ray.ganong » Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:33 am

To move your Fotobounce library to another computer you will need to first identify the Fotobounce library location. This can be done clicking File > Change library and viewing the library path location. No need to change the location, we just wanted to find out where it was on our Windows file system.
(see image 1)

You will need to copy the library folder and its contents to the new computer. The Fotobounce library folder contains a hidden folder named .fotobounce that holds information about your Fotobounce library and must be present if you want to retain all the work that has been done within Fotobounce. You can see the hidden folder by changing your Folder Options from the Control Panel. To do so select Folder Options then click on the view tab. Choose to show hidden files, folders and drives. (see image 2)

Now, proceed to copy the folder to the new destination. (see image 3) Once you have copied the folder to your desired location on the new computer you can start Fotobounce on the destination computer and then when prompted select the moved library folder as your library location. All of your photo organizing will have been retained.
Image 1
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