Photo date discussion

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Photo date discussion

Postby ray.ganong » Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:54 am

Fotobounce uses the EXIF data attached to most photo files to determine the photo date. You can get an explanation of EXIF and more details at

If the photo date is modified within the Fotobounce program, this new date will be used even if the EXIF date is modified again outside of Fotobounce. It is important to note that when photo data (including captions, dates, tags, and orientation) is modified inside Fotobounce the actual photo file on the hard drive is not being modified. If you would like to have a photo file with all data changes applied you can use the Fotobounce export feature. By exporting one or more photos you will create new copies with all changes applied.

Here are some scenarios that explain how Fotobounce handles EXIF date info.

Scenario #1:
Photo already exists in Fotobounce library. The "date taken" field is modified using Windows Explorer.

The modified "Date Taken" info is detected and used by Fotobounce.

Scenario #2:
Photo has no EXIF date info and is added to the Fotobounce library.

The "last modify" date from the Windows file system is used as the photo date.

Scenario #3:
Photo exists in the Fotobounce library and the photo date has been modified using the Fotobounce program.

Photo date is now the new assigned date, but the EXIF date is not modified unless the photo is exported.

Scenario #4:
Photo exists in Fotobounce library and the photo date has been modified using the Fotobounce program. Then the "date taken" field is modified using Windows Explorer for the same photo.

The date change made within Fotobounce takes priority over the date change outside Fotobounce.
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