Testing remote access from Fotobounce Viewer

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Testing remote access from Fotobounce Viewer

Postby admin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:47 am

[ note - the test server is currently down ]

If you want to test out remote access from the Android or Apple iOS app called the Fotobounce Viewer then you can use the following instructions:

- install app from appropriate app store
- enter the username "fototest" and password "bouncer"
- this will connect you to our test server with some celebrity photos
- the test server is usually running most of the time

This is what you would be able to see remotely from the Viewer or from our Fotomobile website with your Fotobounce desktop library. Of course, this is only available IF you turn on remote access on your Fotobounce desktop system.

Note that the Viewer is also available for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux desktop systems. You need Adobe AIR but you can then install the Fotobounce Viewer AIR app and have remote access for family members to your main Fotobounce desktop library.

You may also access this site via the Fotobounce Mobile website: http://fotobounce.mobi
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