Use Fotobounce to track corporate photos

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Use Fotobounce to track corporate photos

Postby ray.ganong » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:19 pm

Whether your company is large or small, you no doubt collect photos of employees from social events, trade shows, and other gatherings or individual situations. If these photos are properly tagged with the employee name and documented regarding event and date then this repository of photos becomes very valuable in many situations including the following examples:

  • PR Purposes: if your company is issuing a press release and would like an appropriate photo to support the message of the release you can easily find photos using keywords or employee names.
  • Employee Anniversary: Being able to pull a collection of photos for a specific employee in seconds would be great for doing a presentation or providing the employee with a photo book of their time with the company.
  • Newlsetters: good photos of employees may be useful for internal and/or external newsletters.
  • Annual reports: it is common to show photos of employees in the annual report for public corporations.
  • Social networking: it may be useful to compare the photos on a social network site, where employees could potentially be doing inappropriate things, with photos of your employees to verify whether there is a potential conflict that needs to be addressed. The employee may not use their real name on the social network site, but their face will be a clear identifier.
  • Executive travel: if your executives travel to other countries that have safety concerns, you may be able to use recent photos of the executive to support authorities in emergency situations.
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