Moving a Fotobounce library from one system to another

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Moving a Fotobounce library from one system to another

Postby ray.ganong » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:35 am

If you want to move a library from one system to another, to a different location on your hard drive, or to a USB drive please follow the steps below. You are going to be moving your pictures and Fotobounce database folder to another location.

- close the Fotobounce application (on Windows make sure it is not running in the system tray)
- turn on the option to display hidden files/folders (this option requires different settings for Windows and Mac)
- using Finder on Mac or Explorer (My Documents) on Windows locate the folder where you told Fotobounce you were keeping your photos. If you properly modified your system settings to display hidden files/folders then you should see a folder called ".fotobounce" under the main folder where your pictures are.
- now copy all of the contents of the main folder, including the .fotobounce folder, to the new location.

If you have moved the Fotobounce library to a new system, then install Fotobounce on that new system and select the picture folder that was copied from the other system. Fotobounce will find the pictures and the database folder (.fotobounce) and continue on with all of your work intact.

If you have moved folders within the same system then after the copy is complete, rename the existing .fotobounce to something else - example = ".oldfotobounce". Then start Fotobounce and it will look for the .fotobounce folder, find it missing from the previous location, and then prompt you for the new location. You can enter the new location and Fotobounce will continue with all of your work intact.
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